Kiss You Trough The Phone

Yngve Holen
Ilja Karilampi
Marlie Mul

It can be stated that culture is a means of converting the impact of such energies as love, sex or aggression. This implies that
it is these specific energies that introduce both the incentive to make art, and authorize critique towards a method of artistic
production by the subjective level of their presence in the artistic work. Nonetheless, a direct articulation of these energies as
topic remains too awkwardly intimate and thus commonly ends up approximating highly platitudinous levels. The exhibition
Kiss-You-Through-The-Phone finds itself on the verge of such banalities with its emphasis on the Long Distance Relationship
as a phenomenon, underlining the laborious maintenance of love that takes place regardless of distance in both space and
time, and supported by as many media tools and channels as possible, through devotion becomes a project of narrative
as much as fragmentation. (Marlie Mul, 2010)


February 7–14, 2010
Opening Reception: February 6, 2010, 6pm

Tue/Fri 5pm–9pm
Sat/Sun 2pm–6pm

Weststrasse 177
CH-8003 Zürich


Invitation card (PDF)
LDFMKFTT by Marlie Mul (PDF)
Texts by Egija Inzule (text1/text2)


"Kiss-You-Through-The-Phone" (installation view)

"Kiss-You-Through-The-Phone" (installation view)

"Kiss-You-Through-The-Phone" (installation view)

Kiss-You-Through-The-Phone calendar, 2010, 29,7 x 42 cm, print on demand

Ilja Karilampi, "White Magic Nemo Web", 2010, variable dimensions, plastic chains, neon light

Marlie Mul, "Long Dream Found Missing Kept Forever True (Hug over a Distance)", 2010, 42 x 84 cm, inkjet-print on paper

Marlie Mul, untitled, 2010, 68 cm each, wood, ink, varnish

Yngve Holen, "2010 Top-10 Things to Take to Bed - 7. My Horse and Me Riding for Gold 2", 2010, 40 x 80 cm, digital print on pillow

Kiss-You-Through-The-Phone mug, 2010, edition of 25

"Kiss-You-Through-The-Phone" (installation view)