Heroes & Ghosts 13-24
Mathis Gasser
June 9–25, 2011


A chest-chest called jest-jest  – The dacronyla-dolantina dialogue (oder: das fehlende Bild)
Roman Gysin, Urs Zahn
May 20–September 21, 2011


The Swamp Thing
Nicolas Ceccaldi, Mathis Gasser, Pamela Rosenkranz
April 2–21, 2011


Vivian Kasel
January 20–22, 2011


Josse Bailly
May 26, 2010


A Stone Is A Stone
Stéphane Barbier Bouvet, Josef Dalle Nogare, Jeanne Graff, Adrien Missika, Benjamin Valenza
May 7–21, 2010


Nils Bech
A concert by Nils Bech & Sergei Tcherepnin
With projections by Tobias Madison
April 7, 2010


Now More Than Ever
Thomas Julier (feat. Cédric Eisenring and Emanuel Rossetti), Thomas Sauter
March 25–April 6, 2010


Body Xerox
Party all night by Simon Denny & Yngve Holen
March 19, 2010


Time To Get Serious
Round table with Alessio Ascari (Kaleidoscope Magazine), Stefano Cernuschi & Francesco Valtolina (Mousse Magazine), Mariuccia Casadio (Vogue Italia), Stefano Casciani (Domus), Giacinto Di Pietrantonio (GAMeC Bergamo), Susanna Legrenzi (Big ben design zine)
March 9, 2010


Mint Condition
Mathis Altmann, Georg Blunier, Vittorio Brodmann, Johnny Graf, Claudia Hanimann, Gunnar Meier, Emanuel Rossetti
January 28–February 27, 2010


Kiss You Trough The Phone
Yngve Holen, Ilja Karilampi, Marlie Mul
February 7–14, 2010


Kaspar Müller
October 10–18, 2009


Arguments And Compliments
Mathis Altmann, Roman Gysin, Zuni Halpern, Emil Michael Klein, Tobias Madison, Mathias Renner, Pamela Rosenkranz
July 24–August 1, 2009


At His Own Flat
Fabio Marco Pirovino
May 14, 2009




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Paloma Presents is an artist run project based in Zürich, Switzerland, founded in 2009 by Mathis Altmann, Georg Blunier, Vittorio Brodmann and Gunnar Meier.


Paloma Presents is supported by Migros Kulturprozent